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CANCELED: Art Talk: Royal Courts of the Maya

CANCELED: Art Talk: Royal Courts of the Maya


Guest Lecturer:  Sarah E. Jackson, University of Cincinnati

Topic: Royal Courts, Hierarchy, and Change: Monumental Perspectives on the Classic Maya Political Community

This lecture will explore the Classic Maya royal court through a focus on 3 carved stone monuments that depict various aspects of court life. The royal court developed as a full-fledged institution whithin the context of the tumultuous years of the Late Classic period (ca. AD 600-900).  Research on its members and their roles reveal a strategically dynamic institution that was a productive locus of influence and power.   The iconographic and hieroglypic data explored in this art talk sheds light on the Maya court as a poltical community, as well as a variable and an adaptable institution.

This program is made possible through a collaboration with the Westchester chapter of AIA : Archaeological Institute of America


Sunday, March 29, 2020
2:00pm - 3:00pm
Multipurpose Room

Event Organizer

Nancy Larrabee

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